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The GALLERY (page 3)
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Charlie, my cat just couldn't figure out this new member of the family. This is Busters first time outdoors since he was born. This is my Sammers (Samantha) after a brief outdoors encounter with my husband, who thought she might like a bath in the pond. For the record...she DID NOT! When animals attack!  She was actually just yawning Woodstock is very sleepy after finding his bag of catnip and eating half of it.
This is my kitten Bouncer at nine weeks of age (he's twelve weeks old now).  He has gotten into my Barbie collection...
Straight from the land of  Claudia Schiffer  comes "Mika", another German "Fräulein" with supermodel qualities. This is Mr. Maxwell Monketface in his thinker mode.
Angelica's cat, GATO! This is may cat Lita and she has a fascination with fresh flowers.  She can - and does - spend all day just smelling them as you can see from this picture. My cat's name is Raggie and 1 out of three cats.  She was my first pound kitty and she got her name because she looks like a ragmop. Here's a total of 44 lbs. of pure love.  Thing One and Thing Two(from Dr. Seus), brothers that were found tossed in a ditch in a paper lunch bag, now couldn't fit their heads in a bag that little!  Devoted to each other and us:0)
These are Payo and Tommy. Two of our 8 lovely cats. This is their favorite possition to rest after a wild playtime. My name is Vanessa, My cat's name is Shadow    

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