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The Cat Photo GALLERY (page 1)
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This is my 10 month old Perisan kitten OSCAR.  He is just the sweetest cat as he always loves attention and to cuddle.  He sits by the window watching the pigeons on the terrace. Destiny likes to sleep in high places! Josie's cat from Saffron Walden England Our  Cat got a little hungry  so she went after the closest thing. my gray tabby jj. this is the way he sleeps all the time
I was sitting with my knees up and Moe was laying there cat napping. Had my camera near me and just snapped the picture. This is my baby, Tiadora. ;) This is Peaches curled up on our guest bed which she thinks is her bed.  Next to her is a Boyd's stuffed kitty.  Peaches is definitely the Queen of our castle! Bobby
This is Bunny, I keep  telling her not to stay up all night  surfing  the web. Puffy
This is Zeus.
Our cat likes to be a model. Salem the Cat with his little baby! petunia This is Cole, lounging and being lazy as he is most of the day....when he's not eating!
My cat Precious loves to use Bandit as a pillow when she goes for a nap. Here's my scamper! :)taken 07/03/01 My beautiful  22lb. butterscotch tabby, Mr Kitty. He is a great subject for photos - because he is not phased by the camera and stays perfectly he is just so adorable! This is our muggy, His name is Simba.. He said he is a wild cat see!!!
Ninja, queen of our home This is my photogenic British Shorthair, who is very mischievous but can sleep also in every position at every spot:) This is my cat Mango.  I was taking a picture of a newly bloomed flower and he, as most cats, was just being very curious.  That is a nice term for nosy.  He is always in someone else's business.
Hey kid, you are my tree, you play by my rules!
This cat had 4 kittens, her mother had 3 and her sister had 4 all born within 3 days.  My cat White Nose would nurse them all at one time.
This is Bobby atop of our bottle brush tree. Bouncer restin    

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