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The Cat Photo GALLERY (page 2)
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THE CATS NAME IS TIGER. THIS IS HER FIRST TIME IN A TREE.  I CALL THIS "TREE GUARDIAN". Tom Flynn This was a stray cat I found asleep in front of the market on the Wrightsville Beach bay. Angela This is "Gateway" caught on her favorite resting place, her best friend "Skye"
Looks like Love! Adoption! First Day in New Home! Baby was playing climbing in and out, up and down, when he decided to take a cat nap Winston is the most laid back cat I know.  My son literally tortures him (affectionately of course) and Winston takes it.  He is truly a wonderful companion This is Monica.  She is what the Chinese call a bo si mao, or country cat, because of her blue and brown eye.
This is Mr. Finnegan, preferred name is "Finnie".  I would describe his personality as...well...HAPPY, don't you agree? Jeepers, I don't think the Cheshire Cat can match this grin! Lynne's cat photo This is Elkie, she likes to laze around the carpet all day... enjoying life...Meow! This is my baby,her name is Princess Sasha,shes very playful and loves to pose for pictures. Deborah's photo
This kitten is only 2wks old and she did this all by herself! Climber likes to climb on top of the porch and we play with her when she is laying like that. Edward's photo  from clover,s.c Cheryl's photo from Mesa, Az hummmm......LUNCH?!
I was trying to get a shot of my little kitten DeeCee (named that because I had just returned from a trip to Washington,DC when I got him) and he seemed to look at me and say what in the world are you doing lady? From Gill in ENGLAND Sheila a tabby/abby mix in her favorite spot in the backyard waiting for a lizard to come along. Yo check it Lets Play! from Barb

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